A Bit About the Author

I am a parent, outdoor enthusiast, fisherman, former SWAT team member and Emergency Manager. I hold a Master’s Degree in Threat Response Management from the University of Chicago. When I was in Boy Scouts as a young man I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I chose to name my blog “The Scout” for this reason. Boy Scouts helped shape me as a man, and in my mind represents truth, trust, loyalty and community. My current life revolves around my family and community. I strive to teach my children about the world by experiencing it first hand. My goal for this blog is to add value to your life by sharing my experiences, triumphs, failures, humor, and limited knowledge, so that I may grow by receiving the same from you. I am by no means a professional writer so expect plenty of incorrect grammar. That being said, what I lack in writing skills I will put back ten fold in heart. I hope to see you on the trail soon.


Honest Eagle


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