Delicious, Easy and Inexpensive Recipe for Busy Parents: Mississippi Pot Roast


Hello troop!

Hope all of you are well during this hectic time of year. 

The purpose of this blog is to add value to your life, simplify where possible and have fun. That is why I thought this recipe would be a perfect post.

Mississippi Pot Roast – has become fairly popular on the Internet because of how easy it is to prepare, relatively inexpensive it is to make (approximately $20), and how amazing it tastes.

If you have never had Mississippi Pot Roast it is a perfect comfort food for the cold months. Holiday Season is in full swing and this recipe’s simplicity should help free up some time to spend on more pressing tasks.

Note: If you are brave, Mississippi Pot Roast is so easy you can occupy the kids by having them make it with minimal supervision.

For those of you familiar with this recipe don’t just leave the page. A lot of people tweak Mississippi Pot Roast to their own liking. Please leave what ingredients you add to make it your own special meal in the comments section. Those of you who have made Mississippi Pot Roast can be a testament as to how easy the roast is to make, and how delicious it is to eat.


Roast, butter, dry ranch seasoning, dry gravy seasoning, pepperoncici,

  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 packet of dry ranch seasoning
  • 1 packet of dry gravy seasoning
  • Pepperoncici ( to your taste )

Note: I add 1/2 cup of water just to make sure the roast doesn’t get too dry but the recipe doesn’t call for it.

Cooking Method:

Crock Pot/ Slow Cooker / Instant Pot

I have yet to use my Instant Pot (just got it last week) but everyone I talked to says they are the bee’s knees. I researched a little on the cooking time for a roast using the Instant Pot and it stated that a roast could be cooked in approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. That frees up even more time for other tasks. 

Below I am posting an Amazon Affiliate (I get a small finders fee but it is seriously pennies on the dollar so go with the best price you can find) link to the Instant Pot. There are several versions of the Instant Pot with different options. These options drive the price up or down. I am listing a middle of the road unit. 

PREPARATION: Trim fat if desired – place roast into slow cooker


  • Pour contents of ranch seasoning packet into slow cooker


  • Pour the contents of the dry gravy packet into the slow cooker


  • Place the stick of butter into the slow cooker


  • Add pepperoncici’s


Turn that slow cooking mother lover to high for 6.5 hours.


After the roast has cooked you will be able to break it apart with a fork. Serve over rice or noodles. Make tacos with the meat. Or if you are Keto, then do what ever Keto do.


The recipe should serve approximately 4 adults. Or 1 alpaca.


For a delicious, easy and cost effective meal, follow the above recipe.

Please leave comments about your own special way to make Mississippi Pot Roast in the comments section below. Please let me know if the recipe was worth your while and if you like it.

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Have a safe week and continue to have fun and learn something.


Honest Eagle 🦅


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